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Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake

About Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake
The industry of io games expand every day but if we look on the first games we will notice several games about snakes which became very popular and still are played by thousands of people all around the world. The game which is hosted at our website is called Little Big Snake and is the latest step in the evolution of snake games with a lot of interesting features and awesome graphics. Before starting to play the game you should know that this game offer you multiplayer mode where you join the server with hundreds of real players worldwide. Some of the players may already be much bigger and stronger than you but this fact makes this game even mode addictive and interesting.

So, Little Big Snake is a multiplayer game where your character is a small snake which has to eat glowing parts on the map, kill other snakes, eat small bugs to grow bigger. At the beginning of the game you will be asked to create a free account and this is really great idea because the game offers a lot of different unlockables and skins which you can store in your account to access it later. The gameplay of Little Big Snake is simple - you control a snake which can move in different directions and also make fast sprints. The more sprints you make - the smaller your snake becomes so use them only when needed. You can try to hunt alone or destroy other players. To kill the enemy you must make him hit your body. Just after the death, your enemy will leave a lot of glowing parts on the map - get them to grow bigger very fast. You will notice some other icons on the map which can be useful so try to get them all.

In Little Big Snake game when you are big enough, after death you can continue playing just by becoming a small bug which can fly. Of course, the bugs are useless and can be easily eaten by other players but it is sometimes just funny to fly over big snakes and stay safe at the same time. Enjoy the full version of the Little Big Snake for free.
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